Studying studying


Snacking my life away! 🙂

And recently I did some henna based on a design I found online..


Nice? 😉



Daebak! Today I went to Ang Mo Kio hub, Junction 8 and then Toa Payoh Central.

Many shops were on sale such as Rubi, Cotton On and others.

Here are my loots for the day!




*Flats, 2 for $30 @ Rubi AMK Hub*


*Sling Bag, $29.90 @ Zinc J8*



*Basic Top, $7 @ TPY Central
(I love to get my basic tops from this shop but I forgot its name. They have all sizes and designs. The best thing is that there is a fitting room for you to try before buying.)

Love at first sight?

Falling in love on the first meeting – “love at first sight”, does it exists today?

Well, I believe in it and I had experienced it today.

I was waiting for the green light at the junction to cross. It was raining so heavily that almost nobody was walking outside. The wind was blowing so strongly as I was standing there. I thought I was alone but no I wasn’t. I just had the urged to turn around and then…our eyes met. Time seems to have lapsed and no words could have described how I felt at that very moment. I quickly turned around when I realised I was kind of staring at him. It was so awkward. He must have thought I was crazy. But if it was fate, I don’t mind seeing him again.

I need confidence..

I feel stressed recently. Studying in University is really not an easy job. I have just completed my first semester on1 December and I thought I could enjoy this one month break until 7 January. However, I have been feeling demoralized since I got back my results for Academic Writing and LTB. I had gotten a D+ for class partcipation for LTB which is worth 20% of the entire module. The reason for it was because of my lack of confidence and not brave enough to speak up in class. I am very sad and disappointed. Even my friend who used not to be outspoken is getting a B+. Eventhough people around me keeps on telling me to put away my fear and talk, it is no easy feat and saying is easier than done. They are not in my shoe and they do not know how I feel. The thought of being surrounded by strangers is more than enough to scare me! I just don’t feel comfortable with these people. Having to talk to them?! Oh god, does anyone else feels this way or am I the only one? How do I change?? I cant afford to be like this for like another 7 semesters. I have and I must change!

Ya,allah please help me.