3 May 2012 – First Entry

Good Evening!

It has been such a tiring day for me. Waking up at 7:30am, head to work and back to home at 7:30pm.

Today, I have decided to create an online blog to allow me to record down the little things that happens in my life for keepsake? I kinda have STM, acronym for “Short Term Memory”, so I tend to forget certain things and this is sad. I want to remember every moments; sad, happy, anger, frustration, etc. It is not like I am diagnose from suffering STM, its just that I tend to be forgetful.

So lets start…

Firstly, I am proud of myself. I actually ran 2 km today within 17 mins. It is not like it is the best in the world or some record breaking time, it is just a personally achievement. I hope I could improve further, for the sake of my health and also unforeseen circumstances? I have always thought to myself, will I be able to run away from robbers if they ever come to me? It is like 0.00000001% of chance it will happen in such a safe country such as Singapore but I just wonder, can I? So, heading to the gym again tomorrow. Let this become my good habit.

Secondly, I have been kind off efficient this few days. I am able to actually exceed the target set for us that is to post 60 advertisements on stproperty.sg website. You guys might be wondering what the hell is that. Well, it is my job scope as a temporary admin assistant in SPH (“Singapore Post Holdings”). I have to post property advertisements. It was hard initially and after a few weeks, I have gotten the hand of it and today I managed to post 70+ !  I am so happy! I hope I will continue to do better each day.

Thirdly, I have been watching a lot of dramas and movies recently, ranging from Chinese to Korean and to US. And I hope to finish watching all of it before Freshman term starts. Let me list them down:

1. The Secret Circle (Episode 20/21)
2. The Vampire Diaries S3 (Episode 20/22)
3. Hong Gil Dong (Episode 12 Part 2/24)
4. Glowing She (Episode 8/12)
5. Queen In-Hyun’s Man (Episode 2/Unknown)
6. MBLAQ’s Hello Baby (Episode 12/12 – Completed)
7. Ying Ye 3 + 1 (Episode 7/16)
1. A Chinese Ghost Story (2011 film) (Completed)

Ying Ye 3 + 1

Ying Ye 3 + 1

I have been watching Ying Ye 3 + 1 and I am falling in love with Ming Dao (Jia Jiang/ Ah Jiang) all over again. I love the chemistry between him and Qiao En (Xia Tian). I just love how they bicker and tease each other, but behind all that is pure love and care for each other. And today, I was watching episode 7 and they kissed! And I love the moment when Ah Jiang finally decided to face his feelings and he kissed her while she was sleeping, on the cheek, forehead, lip and ……. he was caught red handed! I can’t wait to watch episode 8 because Ah Jiang was shot while in a tussle to save Xia Tian.  And I would love to have a love life like that.

Ah Jiang and Xiao Tian

Ah Jiang and Xiao Tian

Fourthly, something that have been worrying me, my badly scarred forehead, it is healing. This is something that I am so worried and stressed over. I have spend $2000++ at New York Skin Solutions and it is not effective at all. Luckily, I have finished the entire 10 sessions, if not, they will keep on pestering me to buy something from them at the end of every session.

Lastly, after all the happy things, now for the sad thing. I have not really been able to communicate with my grandma lately. I just go home do my own stuffs and just keep quiet. I am lazy to talk because the moment I talk, it will somehow lead to nagging from my grandpa. He will just nag at me for the slightest thing in this world. For example, I have washed all my own plates after eating dinner and then, at a slip of my mind, I forgot to wash the ladle. He will start nagging, saying I am lazy bum etc etc. I can’t stand it and today, I was talking to my grandma about my graduation. I said my ex-colleague, Razey from Schenker would be coming down. Then she asked me, “So your school got ask your ex-schoolmates down?”. I was like “Huh?”.Then she said, your friend, Farid. Then I responded irritatedly “Oh god, it is Razey!” It is like she was not paying attention and she just don’t get it or understand what I am saying. I may appear such a damn brat and I know I am suppose to be more patient towards her since she is old. Sigh, I just don’t have anyone at home to talk to and not only talk to but someone who understands what I am saying.

P.S: Let tomorrow be a better day


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