5 May 2012

Yeah, it is a Saturday today!

Practically tired yesterday and I had no time to write here since I reached home at only 9:40 pm.

I went to the gym again yesterday and ran for another 2 km. I hope I will be able to lose weight soon before my Graduation on 21st May. I would love to look slimmer and better. But I think, my stamina yesterday, wasn’t that good. I felt tired after running for only 17 mins. That is bad! I need to improve.

And, the office was extremely peaceful yesterday since it was a Friday. You know, Friday = TGIF = “Off day” but I was there till 7 pm!! 

And yesterday, I felt hurt extremely. Is it because I am not eloquent or what?! This isn’t the first time that a person has commented on what I have sms-ed them. When I don’t put smiley faces, they think I am speaking in a stern tone and they start saying harsh things. In the end, I am the one that is hurt by their words when I don’t even intend to hurt them in any way in the first place. Should I blame it on technology? SMSes are just words and more words and the receiving end will then decipher those messages in their own way. They start getting the wrong idea and completely different from what we meant.

The most hurting thing is that it came from someone I cared, and not once but twice. First was during a group project. It was already agreed that I do half of the work and another by the leader. After completing mine, I just send a reminder message to him saying “I have completed my part and I have sent it to your email. Please do your part as what you have said earlier on. And I am so sorry for troubling you  but thank you so much for your effort all this while.” And I guess what I got a reply saying, “Be careful of what you send”. And yesterday, I asked a friend out, then he said “Only if got pretty girls then I go” then I replied “Then don’t go” and he replied “I ask only, not like I own you money”. The phrase, “I own you money” was like an arrow shooting through me. I thought you were joking so I jokingly said that. Imagine that in a real scene, face to face conversation, where both of us are joking. The same sentence would sound differently. And you definitely did not consider my pride when you said that. You are messaging a girl and you say you only go if there are pretty girls. Then what am I, an ugly biatch!

But luckily, I had a good friend who accompanied me through the night, eating tau huay and we took a stroll along Upper Thomson. He may not be good looking, but don’t judge a book by its cover. I have met two better looking guys but they are the ones who hurt me. But this friend, who is just average looking, he treats me nicer and better than they do. I love having him as a friend. 

P.S. Thank you Ben.


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