13 May 2012 – Happy Momma Day!

어머니의날 축하해요!

Happy Mother’s Day to all mums!

I would like to pray for best of health and happiness to my grandma, she is my lovely mom who has taken care of me from the day I was born. I love you! 사랑해요~

I went down to OG near Bugis Street and bought a Mother’s Day gift for my grandma. She has always wanted a shoulder bag and I wanted to surprise her with it. While shopping a bought a Comoditee bag for myself too.

G Davin Shoulder Bag – $63.20 w/ 20% discount (above)

Comoditee Bag- $29.90 (above)

I also received a redemption coupon for pearl/ diamond and I chose a pearl. However, I have to add another $49.90 to make it into a pendant, which wasn’t really worth it so I just took the pearl for keepsake.

These are other coupons which I got and didn’t use.


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