I need confidence..

I feel stressed recently. Studying in University is really not an easy job. I have just completed my first semester on1 December and I thought I could enjoy this one month break until 7 January. However, I have been feeling demoralized since I got back my results for Academic Writing and LTB. I had gotten a D+ for class partcipation for LTB which is worth 20% of the entire module. The reason for it was because of my lack of confidence and not brave enough to speak up in class. I am very sad and disappointed. Even my friend who used not to be outspoken is getting a B+. Eventhough people around me keeps on telling me to put away my fear and talk, it is no easy feat and saying is easier than done. They are not in my shoe and they do not know how I feel. The thought of being surrounded by strangers is more than enough to scare me! I just don’t feel comfortable with these people. Having to talk to them?! Oh god, does anyone else feels this way or am I the only one? How do I change?? I cant afford to be like this for like another 7 semesters. I have and I must change!

Ya,allah please help me.


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